All about the US DS-160 Form

Embarking on a journey to the United States entails a series of essential steps that need to be completed beforehand. A pivotal step is securing your American Visa (B1/B2), a prerequisite for certain nationalities.

Even before delving into the interview and the necessary documentation, your primary task is to obtain Form DS-160. This official document serves as the starting point for initiating the US visa application process.


All about the US DS-160 Form

The utmost priority is ensuring the best for clients. With this in mind, we've crafted a comprehensive guide that delves into the details of this form, including costs and much more.

Understanding Form DS-160

Form DS-160 serves as an online document, constituting the initial step in initiating the application process for the B1/B2 non-immigrant American visa. This electronic form streamlines the process, enabling foreign travellers to conveniently request and complete it from the comfort of their own homes.

It's important to note that Form DS-160 should be chosen exclusively for travel purposes such as tourism, business, medical treatment, or visiting family and friends. Different travel intentions necessitate distinct procedures, which our experts can guide you through.

Bear in mind that the accuracy of the information entered on the form is paramount. The details provided will undergo scrutiny. Subsequently, during the interview stage, further inquiries will be posed, assessing the applicant's eligibility for the visa based on the information provided on the form.

Essential Information for Completing Form DS-160

Before embarking on the completion of Form DS-160, ensure you have the following documents readily accessible:

  1. Passport.
  2. Travel itinerary.
  3. Dates of your five most recent trips to the United States (if applicable).
  4. Curriculum vitae, as you might need to provide details about your education and work experience.

For certain applicants, it's important to note that specific documents, including the aforementioned ones, may be required during the interview stage. The interview will be scheduled subsequent to the successful submission of the form.

A Step-by-Step Guide of Completing the DS-160 Form

Embarking on your journey to complete the DS-160 form for your U.S. visa application? This concise guide will lead you step by step through the process, ensuring you have a clear roadmap to follow. From essential documents to filling out each section accurately, this guide will help streamline your experience and set you on the path toward a successful application.

  • Step 1 – Identification

Initiate the process by entering your personal identification information. Upon completion, a confirmation email for payment will be sent to your provided email address. This email will grant you access to the subsequent section of the form.

  • Step 2 – Travel Details and Additional Information

Proceed to complete the second segment of form DS-160. This section encompasses details related to your travel plans and supplementary information. Further instructions regarding the specifics of this step will be outlined in the following section.

  • Step 3 – Confirmation

Upon completion, a confirmation email will be dispatched to you. This email will contain an official document featuring your unique DS-160 identifier number. This document should be printed and presented during your scheduled interview. The email will also include a link to download a copy of the form, complete with your entered responses.

Furthermore, the confirmation email will include instructions for the payment of the official visa application fee. This payment is pivotal as it facilitates the arrangement of your embassy appointment – the subsequent crucial phase of your American visa application.

Next Steps After Completing Form DS-160

Upon finalising the DS-160 form, it's imperative to undertake the subsequent actions

  1. Print and Safeguard the Barcode Page: Ensure that you print and retain the page featuring the barcode from your completed DS-160 form. It's unnecessary to print the entire application; the barcode page suffices.
  1. Schedule a Visa Interview Appointment: Proceed to arrange an appointment for your visa interview. To do so, visit the official website of the Embassy or Consulate within your country.
  1. Make the Visa Processing Fee Payment: Fulfil the payment of the visa processing fee, commonly referred to as the MRV fee.

Following these steps diligently streamlines the process and paves the way for your upcoming visa interview and application journey.

Guidelines for Completing Form DS-160

You might be curious about the language to use while completing the form. It's essential to respond in English, utilising solely English characters. However, your personal details, such as your full name and surname, can be entered in your native language.

Furthermore, if you encounter difficulties comprehending a question or determining how to answer, there's an option to view the questions in alternate languages.

Understanding that the majority of questions are mandatory and require responses is crucial. Only questions marked as optional can be left unanswered. If any question doesn't apply to you or lacks a valid answer, you can indicate "Does not apply."

Keep in mind that neglecting to answer mandatory questions will prevent the submission of your request. Instead, an error message will appear, prompting you to provide the necessary response before proceeding.

Who Should Complete the DS-160 Form?

The DS-160 form is intended for all international travellers seeking to obtain a non-immigrant visa,including those applying for B1/B2 visas. This form is obligatory for tourists planning to visit the United States for a temporary duration.

What is the Fee for Form DS-160?

To initiate the request for this form, each traveller is required to pay an MRV fee of USD $, facilitating the progression of the application process.

Can Form DS-160 Be Accessed Later?

One advantageous feature of this form is its capacity for retrieval. It allows you to save your application in progress and resume it on a different day. Upon initiating the form, you'll receive a distinctive application identification number. Armed with this number, you can exit the DS-160 application and revisit it at a later time.

Seeking Assistance from e-Visa:

Should you require further guidance regarding the DS-160 form, we encourage you to reach out to our customer service team. You can get in touch with us by sending an email. Our team of experts is available round-the-clock, 24 hours a day, to provide you with the support you need.


Frequently Asked Questions About Form DS-160: Purpose, Completion, and Processing Times

What is Form DS-160?

Form DS-160 is an online document that serves as the initial step in the application process for non-immigrant visas, including B1/B2 visas, for travellers intending to visit the United States temporarily.

Can I fill out the form in my native language?

While most responses must be in English using English characters, your full name and surname can be provided in your native language. Additionally, language assistance is available for better understanding of questions.

Are all questions mandatory?

Yes, most questions are mandatory and must be answered. Only questions marked as optional can be left unanswered. If a question is not applicable to you, you can respond with "Does not apply."

How can I retrieve my form later to complete it?

Upon initiating the form, you'll be assigned a unique application identification number. You can use this number to exit the DS-160 application and return to complete it at a later time.

How can I get help from e-Visa?

For assistance with the DS-160 form, you can contact our customer service team by email. Our experts are available 24/7 to provide guidance and support.

Who should apply for Form DS-160?

The form is necessary for all foreign travellers seeking a non-immigrant visa, including B1/B2 visas, for temporary visits to the United States.

Can I save and retrieve my form later?

Absolutely. With the unique application identification number provided, you can exit the DS-160 application and return to complete it on another occasion.

What language should the responses be in?

Respond in English using English characters for most answers. Exceptions include your full name and surname, which can be provided in your native language.

How do I schedule a visa interview after completing the form?

Once the form is completed, print the barcode page and schedule a visa interview appointment on the official website of the Embassy or Consulate in your country.

What should I do after completing the DS-160 form?

After completing the form, print and retain the barcode page, schedule a visa interview appointment, and pay the MRV fee. These steps pave the way for your interview and further processing.

What type of visa is Form DS-160 applicable for?

Form DS-160 is applicable for non-immigrant visas, including B1/B2 visas, intended for temporary visits to the United States.

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