US Embassy in Uzbekistan Introduces Enhanced Visa Appointment System

The US Embassy in Uzbekistan has announced the launch of a new and improved visa appointment system. Starting June 10, this system will provide visa applicants with streamlined access to various services, including obtaining visa information, paying required fees, scheduling nonimmigrant visa appointments, and receiving document courier services.

Benefits of the New Visa Appointment System

Enhanced Service Access

The new system enables visa applicants to access vital visa services more efficiently. These services include obtaining necessary information, paying required fees, scheduling appointments, and receiving documents via courier.

Flexible Payment Options

Applicants can now choose between two payment options for visa fees:

  1. Cash Payment: Pay in cash at any Tenge Bank branch. Note that payments cannot be made at the US Embassy.
  2. Credit Card Payment: Pay the amount with a credit card in US Dollars through the official website.

Interview Waiver Eligibility

Applicants eligible for an interview waiver can submit their visa applications to the Consular Section through a courier service and receive their documents at designated pick-up locations.

Key Dates and Procedures

Launch Date and Appointment Availability

The new appointment system will be accessible starting June 10, with visa appointment dates available for all non-immigrants from July 2 onward.

Transition Period Instructions

Visa applicants with appointments scheduled for June under the previous system should still attend their appointments as planned and pay the visa fee on-site before their interview.

Impact on Visa Denial Rates

High Visa Denial Rates in 2023

In 2023, Uzbekistan citizens faced a high visa denial rate, with 59.56% of B-category visa applications being denied. This rate is the highest in the Central Asian region, surpassing denial rates for Kyrgyz (41.54%) and Kazakh citizens (41.93%).

Historical Denial Rates

The US Embassy in Tashkent also recorded a high visa denial rate in 2022, with 47.04% of B-visa applications being denied. The US Ambassador in Tashkent, Jonathan Henik, highlighted that more visa applicants were interviewed and more visas were issued in 2022 than in any pre-pandemic year, including 2019.

US Embassy’s Commitment to Improving Services

Ongoing Improvements

The Embassy aims to further enhance services for visa applicants, making the process more efficient and accessible.

Feedback and Adjustments

The Embassy is committed to receiving feedback from applicants and making necessary adjustments to ensure the new system meets the needs of all users.


The US Embassy in Uzbekistan’s new visa appointment system is set to improve the visa application process significantly. With enhanced service access, flexible payment options, and streamlined procedures, the new system aims to provide a better experience for all visa applicants.


  • How do I access the new visa appointment system?

    You can access the system through the US Embassy’s official website under the visa section.

  • Can I reschedule my appointment if something comes up?

    Yes, the system allows for easy rescheduling. You can do this through your account dashboard on the website.

  • Is there a fee for using the new appointment system?

    No, there is no fee to use the appointment scheduling system itself. However, standard visa application fees still apply.

  • How secure is my personal information in the new system?

    The system has been built with effective security features to guarantee that your personal information is protected according to international data protection standards.

  • What should I do if I encounter issues with the system?

    If you experience any issues, contact the embassy’s support team for assistance.