US to Scrap Visas for Romanian Citizens by November

US to Scrap Visas for Romanian Citizens by November

Romania is on the verge of joining the United States Visa Waiver Program, according to Romanian Ambassador Dan-Andrei Muraru. The country is in the final stages of fulfilling the criteria, with a significant reduction in visa rejection rates anticipated. This development signifies a significant milestone in the diplomatic relations between Romania and the United States, reflecting a long-standing commitment to enhancing bilateral ties and facilitating greater mobility for Romanian citizens.

Key Points: Significant Milestone in Romania-US Relations

Anticipated Rejection Rates

Ambassador Muraru is confident that this fiscal year, visa rejection rates for Romanians will fall below three per cent, a critical threshold for eligibility. This optimistic outlook is based on comprehensive efforts undertaken by both the Romanian government and the United States to streamline the visa application process and address common barriers faced by applicants.

Increase in Visa Issuance

In the fiscal year 2023, the United States issued over 60,000 visas to Romanian nationals, marking a notable increase compared to previous years. This surge in visa issuance is indicative of the growing interest and strengthened connections between the two nations, highlighting the mutual benefits of increased travel and exchange.

Progress and Criteria for the Visa Waiver Program

The decrease in rejection rates is pivotal for Romanians seeking visa-free travel to the US. The Romanian government has been proactive in addressing the necessary conditions to achieve this goal.

Key Efforts: Addressing Visa Requirements

  • Reforms: Comprehensive reforms in the visa application process.
  • Public Awareness: Targeted campaigns to educate applicants on requirements.
  • Enhanced Cooperation: Collaboration with US immigration authorities to ensure compliance with program standards.

Expected Outcomes

Significant progress has been made, with the rejection rates expected to be well under three per cent this year. This success highlights the efficiency of the actions taken and the commitment of the Romanian government to fulfilling the strict requirements stated by the Visa Waiver Programme.

Visa Issuance Trends: A Positive Trajectory

In 2023, data from the US Department of State’s Visa Office revealed that 60,474 visas were granted to Romanian citizens, a 70 per cent increase compared to the previous year. This remarkable increase is a testament to the robust demand for travel to the United States and the successful efforts in reducing barriers to entry for Romanian nationals.

Historical Context: Peak and Trends

  • 2019 Peak: The historical peak was in 2019, with 60,482 visas issued. This peak reflects a period of high mobility and strong bilateral engagement prior to the global disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Upward Trend: This upward trend in visa issuance underscores the strengthening of bilateral relations and the increasing mobility of Romanian citizens to the US. The continuous rise in visa numbers also signals the resilience of the relationship between Romania and the United States, demonstrating a sustained commitment to fostering people-to-people connections.

Future Prospects: Visa-Free Travel for Romanians

As Romania moves closer to meeting the Visa Waiver Program criteria, the prospect of visa-free travel to the United States becomes increasingly attainable for Romanian citizens. This development reflects the ongoing efforts and cooperation between the two countries, aiming to enhance mutual understanding and facilitate greater cultural, economic, and social exchange.

Benefits of Visa Waiver Program Inclusion

  • Simplified Travel: The inclusion of Romania in the Visa Waiver Program would simplify travel procedures for Romanian citizens.
  • Enhanced Ties: Serve as a catalyst for further strengthening diplomatic and economic ties.
  • Broader Objectives: Promote increased tourism, business opportunities, and cultural exchange, thereby contributing to the broader objectives of bilateral cooperation.

Conclusion: A New Era of Connectivity

Romania's imminent inclusion in the US Visa Waiver Program marks a significant advancement in the country's international standing and its relationship with the United States. A new era of improved connectivity and cooperation between the two countries is being ushered in by this triumphant culmination of persistent efforts to meet high standards.


  • What is the new visa policy for Romanian citizens?

    The US will allow Romanian citizens to travel without a visa starting in November.

  • What are the requirements for Romanian citizens to enter the US after the visa policy change?

    Romanian citizens will need to apply for travel authorization instead of a visa.

  • How can Romanian citizens apply for the new travel authorization?

    They can apply online using the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA).

  • Will Romanian citizens need a visa to travel to other countries?

    The new policy only affects travel to the US. Visa requirements for other countries remain unchanged.

  • How does this policy change impact the US-Romania relationship?

    It is expected to strengthen diplomatic and economic ties between the two countries.

  • What should Romanian citizens know before travelling to the US after the policy change?

    They should ensure they have a valid travel authorization and meet all entry requirements.