List of Eligible Countries for ESTA Visa

If you want to travel to USA, you have to apply for a ESTA visa. However, the Government of USA has given the facility to apply for the visa online. Citizens of many eligible countries can apply for a USA visa online. Without ever visiting the embassy or consulate. Here are 39 countries that are eligible for ESTA Visa. The applicant must have a valid passport to apply for an ESTA Visa.

Be advised as your country is in the list below, you can apply for an online visa. You can use these services and easily get an online ESTA Visa.

Requirements to Complete ESTA Form

  • select your country, to start the application. Fill all details, and upload all scan copies of documents based on your purpose of visit. If your document is in your regional language then you have to submit a transcript of the document. After document upload you can submit your application form.
  • Passport having at least 06 months remaining validity. Passport with less validity is not considered for visa processing. So you have to check your passport before applying for an ESTA visa.
  • Credit / Debit card to pay application fees, and submit application form. without fees payment you cannot process your application form.
  • 24 hours or 03 Working days to process your application, excluding burmese holidays. Please check holiday calendar before applying to the ESTA visa application form. It may affect your turnaround time.
  • You are permitted to stay in USA for 90 days after your entry, and you are authorised to travel to USA receiving your visa.

Visa Details

  • After you apply for an ESTA online, you will receive an email after successful payment.
  • Validity of your ESTA visa is 90 days from the issue date, after this your visa is expired and and your entry will be denied.
  • Processing time will be 03 working days for normal service and you may also opt for express service. It will take 24 hours to process your visa application.
  • Your visa processing time will start after fees payment and submission of your visa application.

How to check your visa status online ?

Once you submit your application form you can track your e visa application status via tracking option available on the website. You will also receive an confirmation email once the visa is approved which includes your duration of stay, validity and conditions of the particular visa.