Super Saturday Visa Processing Crushes Application Backlog (US Embassy)

Super Saturday Visa Processing Crushes Application Backlog

New Delhi and Mumbai, India, March 15, 2024 - In a targeted effort to address the surge in demand for U.S. visas from Indian nationals, the U.S. missions in New Delhi and Mumbai successfully processed over 2,500 visa applications during a special one-day event, "Super Saturday," held on March 9, 2024. This initiative significantly reduced wait times for Indian visa applicants, including those seeking visitor visas at the U.S. Embassy in Delhi.

Streamlined Processes and Increased Resources Expedite Applications

The substantial number of applications adjudicated during "Super Saturday" exemplifies the U.S. Mission in India's commitment to streamlining the visa process and fostering closer connections between the two nations. This effort builds upon recent initiatives, including increased staffing levels and the implementation of technological advancements to expedite India's US visa processing timelines.

Addressing Backlogs and Diverse Visa Needs

The U.S. Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti, emphasised the importance of the U.S.-India relationship, which thrives on educational and professional exchanges. The "Super Saturday" event catered to various visa categories, including student visas, temporary work visas, tourism visas, and business travel visas, effectively addressing the backlog of India visa applications.

Direct applications are encouraged for efficient processing.

The U.S. Consulate in Mumbai's Visa Chief, Katherine Estes, acknowledged the previous challenges faced by Indian applicants due to visa backlogs. She attributed the recent reduction in wait times to allocating additional resources and manpower. To expedite US visas in India, Ms Estes advised applicants to avoid agents making false promises and instead directly monitor the U.S. Embassy and Consulate websites for appointment availability.

Continued Focus on Efficient US Visa Processing in India

The successful "Super Saturday" event, launched in 2022, marks the first of several such initiatives planned for 2024. This programme complements the U.S. Mission in India's ongoing efforts to improve the efficiency of US visa processing for Indian nationals, including options for expediting US visas in India, if applicable.

Record-Breaking Year for U.S. Visa Issuance in India

The U.S. Embassy and Consulates in India processed 1.4 million visas in 2023. This surge reflects a 60% year-over-year increase, solidifying India's position as a major source country for U.S. visa applicants.


  • What is the primary goal of the "Super Saturday" event?

The "Super Saturday" aims to expedite the visa application process for Indian nationals by processing many applications in a single day to alleviate the backlog and meet the soaring demand.

  • How many visa applications were processed during the latest "Super Saturday"?

Over 2,500 visa applications were processed in the recent "Super Saturday" event by the US Mission in Delhi and Mumbai on March 9, 2024.

  • Who benefits from the "Super Saturday" event?

A diverse group, including elderly parents, students, temporary workers, visitors, and business people, will benefit from this event, highlighting its role in supporting various travel purposes to the U.S.

  • How can applicants secure a visa appointment effectively?

Applicants are criticised for applying directly through the official website to increase their chances of securing an appointment and avoid relying on third-party agents.

  • What measures has the US Mission in India taken to manage visa demand?

By increasing staff, leveraging technology, and organising events like "Super Saturday," the US Mission in India has significantly reduced wait times and facilitated the visa process amidst unprecedented demand.

  • How significant was the number of US visas processed for Indian nationals last year?

A record 1.4 million US visas were processed for Indian nationals last year, underscoring the substantial growth in applications and the importance of the US-India relationship. Indians form one in every ten applicants globally.