Warning given to EU by US Parliament committee due to 14-hour delay at border for EES implementation

The European Scrutiny Committee of the United Kingdom's Parliament warned the European Union on 25th January of 14 hours of delay in the entry/exit process between the border of the European Union and the United Kingdom. This evidence was presented by some parties like the Ashford Borough Council, Tourism Alliance, Eurostar, and Airlines UK,UK inbound travel trade association as written reports.

The leading cause of worry given by the reports was the waiting time, which may affect the economy of the nearby citizens by business and travel.

If the scheme is implemented in October 2024, as planned, says The Ashfold Borough Council. They fear that, in worst cases, travellers would be forced to wait up to 14 hours at the Port of Dover.

What Did Eurostar Group Claim Regarding EES?

Eurostar group - The High-speed train operator claimed that the EES is only designed for the airport, not the centre and other space-constrained terminals. Also, they declared that stopping the stamping of passports would be a significant issue and create a complex travel experience for non-EU nationals or residents.

What Did the Major UK Airlines Claim About EES?

On the other hand, major UK Airlines represents Ascend Airways, 2Excel, Air Tanker, British Airways, DHL, European Cargo, FedEx, Jet2.com, Loganair, Ryanair, TUI Airways, Titan Airways, UPS, and Virgin Atlantic claimed that the system would be beneficial for the long-term. They also advised the UK border authorities to take part in making people aware of this new system. This helps them to minimise the interruptions and conflicts.

From the following evidence, Sir Wiliam Cash, the Chair of the European Scrutiny Committee, agreed that EES would seriously impact tourist and travel operators and local businesses. He encouraged the UK to be aware of what has to be done for the Port of Dover.


Do I need a visa to enter the EU with the EES?

Visa requirements are independent of the EES and determined by individual EU member states. Check the specific visa requirements for your destination country well in advance.

What happens to my biometric data collected through the EES?

Your biometric data is stored securely and subject to strict EU data protection regulations. It is used solely for border management and security purposes and cannot be accessed for any other reason.

Will the EES cause long queues at borders?

While the EES aims to expedite border checks, initial implementation phases might experience temporary delays. Stay informed about the latest updates and be prepared for potential wait times.

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