US Regular B1/B2 Multiple Entry Visa

In June 2022, the US no longer requires COVID tests for entry. The B1/B2 visa allows temporary business (B1) and tourist (B2) travel to the US. The 'R' denotes a regular visa. With streamlined applications via online services, visitors can now readily obtain a combined multi-entry B1/B2 visa. This article provides details on the US visa and online application assistance, answering common questions travellers have about the R B1/B2 to ensure informed, hassle-free US trips.

For insights into the U.S. Visa R B1 B2 with multiple entries and the facilitated application process by the online platform, valuable information is provided in the subsequent article.

Duration of validity by country of citizenship

US Regular B1/B2 Multiple Entry Visa

Meaning of the U.S. R B1/B2 Visa

The U.S. Visa Type B1/B2, also known as B-1/B-2, represents a temporary non-immigrant visa category that provides the convenience of combining business and tourism visits into a single visa application process.

Requirements for Obtaining a U.S. Tourist Visa

When applying for a B1/B2 visa, the process becomes smoother if you adhere to the checklist outlined below. Once you've gathered the following documents, utilising online services for application processing will prove to be more straightforward than you might anticipate:

  • Valid Passport: Keep in mind that your passport should remain valid for a minimum of six months beyond your intended stay in the United States.
  • Digital Photograph: You have the option to capture this photograph yourself, ensuring it meets the specified requirements.
  • Travel Itinerary: In the event that you've already made travel arrangements, having these details on hand is beneficial.
  • Information about Previous U.S. Visits: If you've previously travelled to the United States, you'll need to provide the dates of your last five visits or trips. This requirement pertains to renewal applications. Additionally, for first-time visa applicants, you might be asked for your international travel history spanning the past five years.
  • Additional Information: Depending on the purpose of your travel, you might be requested to provide supplementary information during the online application process. Examples of such information include medical insurance details, vaccine certificates, evidence of adequate travel funds, and more.

Requirements for Obtaining

Where Can I Apply for the U.S. Tourist Visa?

To ensure a seamless process when securing a B1/B2 Visa, we recommend utilising the online services. This online platform offers round-the-clock assistance through its team of visa experts. It's noteworthy that the online platform has successfully aided over 110,722 travellers in their entry to the United States.

What is the online Application Process Like?

While you do have the option to personally visit a U.S. Embassy for application, you might encounter challenges such as long queues, complex forms, and waiting periods. Even contacting them by phone could result in extended waiting times.

This is where the online platform proves to be an excellent alternative, eliminating these inconveniences and sparing you time and stress. The process is streamlined into four easy steps:

  • Form Completion: Begin by filling out a simplified form, aided by our Didactic Manual. The associated fee can be paid using credit/debit cards or PayPal.
  • Expert Guidance: In the second step, benefit from comprehensive guidance provided by our experts.
  • Interview Requirements: Step three involves acquiring all the necessary requirements for your Embassy or Consulate interview.
  • Visa Receipt: The final step is receiving your visa and preparing for your upcoming travels.

What is the Cost of the B1/B2 Visa through online services?

By use of the online platform, it offers a Concierge Service which includes the government fee (MRV fee).

What is the Usual Processing Time for the Visa?

While obtaining a visa independently can be intricate, the online platform simplifies and expedites the process compared to traditional methods. However, pinpointing an exact processing time can be challenging since it's contingent on U.S. officials' procedures. It's important to bear this in mind. The team of experts will continuously support you throughout the journey to ensure your success!

If you're seeking further information about the B1/B2 visa renewal process, we suggest reaching out to our experts.

Cost of the B1/B2


What does the U.S. Visa Type B1/B2 entail?

The U.S. Visa Type B1/B2, also known as B-1/B-2, is a temporary non-immigrant visa category that allows for combined business and tourism visits, eliminating the need for separate visas.

What documents do I need for the U.S. Tourist Visa (B1/B2)?

To apply for a B1/B2 visa, prepare the following:

- Valid passport (with at least six months' validity beyond your U.S. stay).

- Digital photograph meeting requirements.

- Travel itinerary if travel arrangements are already made.

- Dates of your last five U.S. visits (for renewals) or international travel history for the past five years (for first-time applicants).

- Additional information based on the purpose of travel (like medical insurance, vaccine certificates, proof of funds, etc.).

Where can I apply for the U.S. Tourist Visa?

For a smoother application process, we recommend using the online platform. This online platform offers 24/7 assistance from a team of visa experts and has assisted over 110,722 travellers in entering the U.S.

What is the e-Visa application process like?

The e-Visa application process involves four steps:

 - Form Completion: Fill out a simplified form and make the payment using credit/debit card or PayPal.

- Expert Guidance: Receive assistance from our experts.

- Interview Requirements: Gather necessary requirements for the Embassy or Consulate interview.

- Visa Receipt: Receive your visa and get ready to travel.

How long does the visa process usually take?

While the processing time is shorter and less tedious with the online platform, the exact duration depends on U.S. officials' procedures. The experts are there to guide you throughout the process.

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